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Caribbean Philanthropy Mapping Study

The Caribbean Philanthropy Mapping Project (CPMP) is an initiative of the Caribbean Philanthropy Network. Its purpose is to map the flow and allocation of grant funds in the region.

A scan of Caribbean and non-Caribbean grantmakers that give to the region was undertaken in the late summer/early fall 2008; a list of organizations was developed and each was sent an invitation to participate in the project. Types of organizations ranged from small Diaspora funds to large development agencies and other international funders. In total 271 organizations received the survey.

The survey instrument itself was launched on January 12, 2009 and remained open until April 5, 2009.

Summary Findings


  • Forty-nine organizations responded to the survey: 53 percent from the region and 47% from outside.
  • The two largest types of foundations to respond to the survey were private foundations (outside the region); and community foundations (inside the region).
  • Slightly over 40 percent of all the grantmakers participating in the survey had total assets above $1,000,000.
  • Over 60 percent had grant making budgets for the region of $100,000 or more.
  • Inside the region, 14 countries including Puerto Rico are represented in the survey, three quarters of which are English speaking. Outside the Caribbean grantmaking organizations were predominately located in the US.


  • Eighty percent of all respondents have programs that focus on youth and many (62%) are interested in working with other organizations in the region whose programs target children and youth.
  • Organizations that work in education, health and the environment received the greatest percentage of grants. Caribbean funders showed a strong preference for civil society organizations that work in the area of education and youth, and external funders for environmental organizations.
  • A surprisingly high percentage of funders (65%) offer capacity building or technical assistance workshops.
  • Overall, the size of the grants are small with 60 percent of all grants $25,000 or less.

Collaboration and Capacity Building tools for funders

  • Collaboration among funders in the region and between funders inside and outside the region does not appear to be widespread.
    • Most responding organizations (between 45% and 51%, depending on the activity) never or infrequently coordinate their work with other funders.
    • Over 60 percent do not belong to any Caribbean-based networks. This is especially true of organizations outside the region (95%), while fewer than half of the Caribbean-based organizations (48%) belong to such networks.
  • However, most organizations would welcome several capacity building initiatives in order to improve grantmaking effectiveness, strengthen NGO capacity, and to build their organizationsí donor base.


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