Projects Of The Caribbean Philanthropy Network

Fort Christianvaern, St. Croix

Sharing and Networking in the Caribbean Philanthropic Community

There is a need for information sharing and effective networking within the Caribbean philanthropic community. The Caribbean Philanthropy Network is working to address this need by launching a comprehensive communications and outreach effort. This effort currently includes:

  • A mapping study
  • The Caribbean Philanthropy Resource "Tool Kit"
  • Quarterly electronic newsletters
  • Annual meetings

Philanthropy Mapping Study

There is a need for comprehensive data on giving in the Caribbean. With this data we can better assess the need and provide more effective grant-making. One of CPN's key initiatives includes a mapping study to identify the size, scope and nature of the Caribbean philanthropic community.

The study is intended to serve as a key benchmark and provide a framework to engage diverse funders both in the Caribbean and those in the United States, Canada and Europe. With support from the Ford Foundation, CPN has engaged the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at the City University of New York to develop this study.

The study data was presented at CPN's Annual Meeting in May 2009. Sharing the findings of the study provides an opportunity to bring attention to the size, scope and investments of the Caribbean philanthropic sector. It also provides an opportunity to educate non-Caribbean philanthropic organizations and current Caribbean grant-makers, engaging them in a discussion that we hope will lead to collaborative endeavors to address critical issues facing the people of the Caribbean.

To learn more about this project and access the report, click here.

The Caribbean Philanthropy Resource Tool Kit

The CPN "Tool Kit" serves as a virtual library for project research and other relevant material, and as a base for the network's activities to date. It also serves as a guide for further research and philanthropic discussion. Learn more about the CPN Resource Tool Kit here.

Electronic Newsletter

CPN's quarterly electronic newsletter will provide useful and current information on various aspects of Caribbean philanthropy and accomplishments.

Annual Meetings

The Caribbean Philanthropy Network's annual meetings offer opportunities for networking, sharing information and learning about issues and topics that serve to advance philanthropy in the Caribbean.

Get more information about our last meeting in St.Thomas, USVI on May 16 - 18, 2010.

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